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Posted by Business & Marketing Strategist, Donna Lynn Price on February 23, 2018

Do You Ever FAIL to Follow-Up?

Have you ever handed your card to someone and said — “I need your service”?  I have. I have outright said to a business owner — “I want to do business with you”.  In essence, I am saying: “I AM a BUYER!” The reaction was positive, a handshake and then NEVER another word.

You go back to your office and you wonder — did they hear me? Did they lose my card, my contact info?

I have experienced this more than once and my assessment is this: People FAIL to follow up effectively!

I’ve done it. You’ve probably done it.

But if YOU are trying to build your business, grow your business, you HAVE to follow up.  You need to develop a system for following up with each person that comes in contact with your business.

It is about the system!!

Create a step by step follow up strategy.

If you are running ads or attending a networking meeting or showing a trade show, you must have a strategy laid out.

Goal #1: Get the person into your system.  If the people visiting your table are NOT blatantly saying I want to buy from you, then you want their contact info.  Online — it s a squeeze page. In person, it is a special offer that gets them to opt-into your list legally.  You want to be able to follow up.

Goal #2: Set up a step by step follow up system. It might be a phone call, a personal note and emails or it could be email sequence. Whatever it is, you need to use it!!

Goal # 3: Educate people that opt-into your list about YOU, your product and services and what is in it for them,  How do they benefit from buying from you and why on earth are you the best choice!

Failing to follow up and educate new leads is the biggest mistake that small businesses make. When you attend a trade show and have no follow up system, what do you do with the 100 new business cards in your fishbowl?  Throw them in the box with hundreds or thousands of other business cards.

When you host an event, and then do nothing with your new contacts, you just wasted time and money.

Be efficient. Systems save you time and money. They also increase your conversion rates. When someone says — I WANT YOU — do not ignore them. Take action!!

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