The Landing Page Strategy for Chiropractors

Posted by Business & Marketing Strategist, Donna Lynn Price on May 8, 2018

landing page strategy for chiropractorsHow does the Landing Page Strategy work for Chiropractors?

Chiropractors, just like other industries can capitalize on the landing page strategy by integrating it into their marketing mix.

First step is to pick a focus.

Yes, a chiropractor can help patients/clients with many different ailments.  That is a given. But when you are marketing you want to target your marketing and not try to be all to everyone.  Picking a focus gives you a marketing edge.  Perhaps your favorite clients are allergy sufferers or back pain or fibromyalgia or chronic headaches.  Each are worthy of targeting.

Right now, you are probably marketing to everyone about everything and HOPING that it sticks. And it does stick for a few!!  That is great.  But what about all of the others that were not ready to buy, but are searching for the right provider. They saw your ad — wherever, they visited your website and they bounced off.

The landing page strategy has you focus that ad on one group.

Second, create a compelling call to action that is NOT buy now!

Your call to action needs to draw people to your landing page. You need to solve a problem that they have, that they do not want.  The goal of your ad is to build your list, not to make that immediate sale. This is different from what you have most likely been taught and what your web designer told you would happen.

In the digital age, marketing has changed and your website is good to verify who you and that you are a legitimate business. People can do some research there. And yes, some people will call. Those are the people that are in so much pain that they need help right now! The rest aren’t there yet. The people that are not ready to call are the people that YOU want on your email list.

The call to action brings people to your landing page to get your complimentary report on solving their problem.  It gives you a chance to build rapport, relationship and credibility with the prospect, so that when they are ready to buy, YOU are the person that they think of.

Third, you need to develop a report, white paper, or guide that solves their problem.

Many people do not know that a chiropractor can help their allergies or their concussion or their headaches.  They think chiropractor and then they think back pain and cracking.

There are hurdles to over come and you do that through education.  A two or three page paper about how chiropractic can help each of these, without medication is important information. Of course, you can tell people about it.  But when you are in bed and they are up with a headache, your ad and your landing page are pre-selling your service.

So, what is the landing page strategy?

The landing page strategy is a focused website that is where you send your advertising traffic.  When you spend money on ads, it is a waste to send them to your main site and hope they stick. Most will not.  Just look at your bounce rate.

The landing page strategy provides an opportunity for the prospect to get vital information about the solution to their pain — neck, head, whatever.

They download a special report after they opt into your email list.

Now your email is providing automated information to them that continues to educate them about chiropractic services that you provide.  This is called a drip campaign.  And drip campaigns are part of the conversion strategy for your ads.

Putting it all together is the key.  Perhaps you will decide to use the landing page strategy for multiple ailments — and then you have segmented your list based on how they came into your program.  If you decide to do a special for allergies or you are hosting a workshop on allergies and chiropractic, you know exactly who is interested in that and can email that targeted list, without bothering the back pain group.

It all just helps your business operated smoothly.

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