Market to Save Lives?

Posted by Business & Marketing Strategist, Donna Lynn Price on January 7, 2018

chimney sweep marketing blueprint

Could Your Marketing Save Lives? Here is a Chimney Sweep Marketing Blueprint that could!

Maybe you are wondering how a chimney sweep marketing blueprint could save a life, so let me tell you the story of chimney fires this week….

This weekend there was a house fire just down the road.  The damage from the outside looks like a possible chimney fire but no confirmation on that.  A few miles away — the same weekend, a house burnt to the ground and it is a suspected chimney fire.  Less that eight weeks ago, a few miles in the other direction, another house burned to the ground — a confirmed chimney fire.

Each chimney fire was preventable. In each of these cases, possessions were lost, houses severely damaged or totally destroyed and thankfully, no one was injured.

So, why weren’t they prevented? I want to outline a chimney sweep marketing blueprint that can increase safety for homeowners and increase business.

Preventing chimney fires is about education. It is an opportunity for every Chimney Sweep in the area.

Okay, so I am looking at this as a marketer and thinking effective marketing could have prevented these.

Let me share the Chimney Sweep Marketing Blueprint that I came up with….

So let me lay it out here:

Information — Interrupt — Grab Their Attention

Right now, these local sweeps could be writing articles and press releases about the ability to prevent chimney fires.  Start with a headline that goes to the pain — the fear of losing your house.  Sub-headline — your solution — inspect and clean your chimney every single year.

The article itself only needs a few bullet points about how a chimney inspection and cleaning prevent house fires.

Educate — Give Them More In-Depth Information

BUT — it needs to lead into that bigger report — offer people MORE information on your website. Actually, I highly recommend a landing page — that has each of these elements right there… Interrupt — Educate — Engage and Offer….

chimney sweep marketing blueprint

Engage — really start building that relationship.

Here is the key to marketing — connect with prospects, educate through your marketing — build relationships — KNOW, LIKE, TRUST.  And as you build your credibility and rapport, you are also building your client base.

Look at the pieces — article or press release (and a blog post on your site) leads to a complimentary report.  The report provides a complete picture of the top five reasons or ten reasons that they need to hire a chimney sweep and why they do not want to do it themselves.

I have already outlined this report.  Complete with pictures of house fires, information, statistics to provide to the person that opts-in.

Once they have the report — then you have the opportunity to continue marketing — via email, sending them information about chimney fires, reasons they need a complete chimney inspection with a camera…. why they want a professional to clean their chimney and the increased safety it brings to their family.

Continue to educate — use your email marketing campaign to continue educating.

Offer — now you can offer your incredible services and value to them.

They know you, they like you, they are educated about WHY they need to have their chimney inspected, why your service makes sense for them, why they do not want to sweep their own chimney… they have YOUR info. Now, when you make a valuable offer to them — a package of inspect, sweep and monitor… you have a new client and you have increased their safety and your business.

Track your results. Keep track of what is working and what is not working.  Fix it, repeat and keep the cycle of marketing going.  Keep educating, keep engaging….

Chimney fires are preventable. If Chimney Sweeps provide educational marketing to their potential clients — they are saving lives, saving homes and families. When you start looking at your marketing as that important, then you really start marketing effectively.

This chimney sweep marketing blueprint puts the critical pieces into place for improving the marketing plan.

Who else can save lives through their marketing? Can you?


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